About Sue Cox, Owner of The Fairy Potter
Sue Cox Owner of Fairy PotterSue Cox, the owner, creator & artist of The Fairy Potter & The Pixie Properties started her adventure into the realm of Fairy Houses in 2014 when she decided to take a pottery class at her local Creative Arts Center located in Hockessin, Delaware.

The former owner & operator of The Wallflower Gift Boutique in Hockessin, Delaware, Sue graced the Hockessin area with her unique dried flower creations and eye for design for over 15 years until she closed her doors to the Wallflower Gift Boutique in 2010, which left her without the creative outlet she was used to for years.

After working retail for 4 years since the Wallflower Gift Boutique closed, Sue decided to try her hand at pottery to give her that creative outlet she was craving.

After a year of pottery classes and many different projects from bowls to wall sconces to plates, Sue realized that there was a demand for unique fairy houses to place in homes & gardens across the country, to bring a sense of wonder, amazement & fantasy to young and old alike!

With her Fairy Houses being popular already online, with sales from Delaware to New Jersey to Texas, and with major interest from garden centers along the East Coast of the United States, don’t be surprised when you see one of these beautiful, custom made creations in personal gardens and garden centers across the country.