Tall $59.00Rainbow Fairy
Classic $49.00Classic Fairy House
Deluxe $75Deluxe Sunflower
Troll House $45.00Troll Home
Chalet $40.00Wildflower Pitched House with Gnome
Gnome Home $39.00
Gnome Home
Mushroom cottage $39.00The Fairy Potter Fairy Houses for Sale 2020
Rockford Tower $95.00Rockford Towers
Musical Cottage $85.0Musical Cottage
WW 2 Beach Tower $45.00Rockford Towers and Beach Towers 2018
100th Anniversary Flower Market Tower $95.00Rockford Tower Replica 100 Anniversary
Gazebo $85.00Hydrangea Gazebo and Gnomes
Fairy Trees
4 Seasons Available
$45.00 Set of 2Christmas Fairy Houses for Sale
$55.00 – Large
$35.00 – SmallPumpkin Patch Fairy houses 2018
$15 Each
2 for $25
Baby Gnomes Pottery
Fairy God Mother $25.00Fairy God Mother
Flower Bud Vase $25.00
Photo Coming Soon