Thank you for choosing the Fairy Potter in support of “The Perfect Gift” & Delaware’s Non-Profit Charities! We have selected a special curated group of exclusive pieces for this year’s event.

Sue Ann Cox, Imagination Manager & Clay Wizard, is the creator & owner of The Fairy Potter. Sue’s Enchanted Cottages are inspired by the 19th Century primer, “The Language of Flowers” and she is guided by the hand of nature and fairy lore to bring a sense of whimsy to your home and garden.

All of our cottages are hand built with the finest white clays, hand glazed and fired twice to temperatures reaching 2200 degrees. All of our cottages are lighted and special orders are welcome.

Please e-mail The Fairy Potter with your selections or any special requests at or call 302-388-4724. Please let us know that your selections are in support of “The Perfect Gift

We deliver locally for free and we ship throughout the United States. Delivery will be the first week of December or any time thereafter. Delivery by Christmas Guarantee!!

Rockford Tower Replica for Sale

The Rockford Tower
Classic – $95.00
Delaware Beach Tower (Blue or Cream)
WW2 Historic Lookout Towers
Christmas Fairy Homes from The Fairy Potter
The Christmas Collection
Create or add to your Christmas Village with The Fairy Potter Christmas/Winter Cottages

Troll Cottage $45.00
Classic Cottage $49.00
Peekaboos $55.00
Tree set of two $39.00
Deluxe $85.00

Rainbow Fairy
Rainbow Unicorn
Faye is the lovely Rainbow Fairy. She lives among the enchanted unicorns. She is strong, loyal and magical.
Pansy Fairy House

The Pansy Fairy
The Pansy Fairy, Victoria, sends a message of love to those who wander and explore the forests and gardens of the world.

Meadow Fairy House
The Meadow Fairy
Harlow is the Meadow Pixie. She brings unity to the fields, mountains and glens of the fairy world.
The Butterfly Fairy House 2019
The Butterfly Fairy

Angel is the fragile Butterfly Fairy. Thru love & faith, Angel will guide you to a shining light of peaceful tranquility & calm gardens.

The Beach Fairy 2019
The Beach Fairy
Pearl is the Pixie of the Sea. She sings to you the ocean’s calming lullaby. Pearl will rock you to sleep with nature’s symphony.
Mermaid Fairy House
The Mermaid Fairy
Pearl is the Pixie of the Sea. She sings to you the ocean’s calming lullaby. Pearl will rock you to sleep with nature’s symphony.
Hydrangea Peacock
The Hydrangea and Peacock Fairy
Grace will shower heavenly blessings on your home & garden.
$55 and $39
The Wildflower Fairy House 2019
Wildflower Fairy
Gypsy is a free spirited Pixie of the Garden. Always looking for the next bohemian adventure, she is quick to laughter & is a bit mischievous.
The Sunflower Fairy House 2019
The Sunflower Fairy
Joy is the friendly nymph who resides in the sunflower cottage. Always a smile & a giggle to cheer your day, Joy is a delightful little addition to your happy garden. $49.00

Gnome Houses in Delaware 2020

Garden Trolls
Forever popular Garden Trolls in a variety of colors.

Email orders or questions to or call at 302-388-4724.

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